When you look at a tree, sometimes It’s possible to see the connective tissue where a new branch was born. It resembles a human baby’s head at the moment of crowning, when the mother’s body expands and stretches to its fullest, and the newborn’s head meets air and light for the first time.

It is a beautiful reminder that we all give birth, and not only to babies. We are always growing something new inside: New Ideas, new creations, new ways to behave and exist in this world.

Birth Oriented Therapy invites you to take time and be with whatever it is you are growing inside these days, taking the freedom to address something new each time we meet, or continue to work through ongoing issues that want your attention. Be it an actual baby, a creative project, or a problem in your life you wish to grow out of.

Birth Oriented Therapy offers a gentle supportive way to be in touch with yourself, in an accepting way, that also leads to practical outcomes.

You are welcome to browse around the site and read more about the different options to work with us, privately or with a group via skype.

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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. lauren inbar

    Wishing you luck on your new venture of B.O.T in Canada.
    How privilaged are the women of Toronto to have you in their midst. A new chance to grow and explore an amazing new yet old field!
    Can’t wait to see the developments and process!

  2. daphne Post author

    Dear Lauren,
    Thank you so much! I was moved by your kind words and wishes. Thank you for playing an important role in our expanding way, your work as a B.O.T Midwife is inspiring to us all!

  3. Hilla

    Dear Daphne,
    I wish you all the best in your new path, you are a great teacher and the women in Toronto are very lucky to have you.

  4. לימור

    דפני יקרה, המון מזל טוב לרגל פתיחת האתר. כמה נפלא שאת ממשיכה, יוצרת, פועלת, נעה ומעבירה מהטוב הזה הלאה

  5. daphne Post author

    Is this Hilla Fialkov? Thank you dear, great meeting you here. I always remember your important work with Yoga for women and eating disorders. Thank you for that inspiration!

  6. daphne Post author

    תודה רבה לימור אהובה, כמה נעים ההדהוד שלך על יצירה ותנועה.
    הרבה ברכה יש בתנועה עם הדבר שאוהבים לעשות
    ובחופש למצוא את הדרך האישית שלנו שם, כמו שאת תמיד מזכירה לי.. תודה שאת פה

  7. Sivan Konvalina

    Dearest Daphne,
    I finally found a few minutes to take you up on your invitation and visit the website, and I’m so glad to be here.
    Your spirit definitely hovers around, browsing from page to page.
    It’s great to see that the women of Toronto can enjoy you as much as we did!
    Keep on passing on your special charm and wisdom, I wish you much success and happiness in everything you choose to put your heart and soul into.
    Big big hug,

  8. daphne Post author

    Thank you Sivan! I enjoyed having you in Baby Yoga classes at least as much as you did :)
    A big hug to you and the sweetest Ofriki, who isn’t a baby anymore..