B.O.T for Women


Birth Oriented Therapy supports women and couples experiencing the following common situations, among others:

  • Feeling afraid during pregnancy, or prior to giving birth
  • Having a difficult birth experience
  • Wishing to prepare for the upcoming birth, following a previous traumatic birth experience
  • Anxiety of medical examinations during pregnancy
  • Preparing for birth with Vaginismus/ Vestibulitis
  • General high levels of Stress- Prenatal and Postnatal
  • High risk pregnancy- (Option for long distance sessions)
  • Emotional preparation for birth- Identifying resources and developing coping strategies
  • Difficulty in making decisions in personal matters relating to Pregnancy, Birth & Breastfeeding
  • A history of sexual abuse– Supporting the process of recognizing triggers and developing personal strategies for pregnancy/ birth/ breastfeeding/ motherhood
  • Fertility treatments and Fertility related processes
  • Recurring miscarriages
  • Pregnancy loss. Supporting families that undergo a stillbirth
  • Pregnancy following a loss (e.g. of a parent, child)
  • Special preparation for birth following a previous stillbirth.
  • Unique work with Breech Presentation
  • Supporting the initial bonding with the baby, and the process of becoming a mother
  • And more..

When Should I start a process?

  • You may choose to come for a Birth Oriented Therapy session at any stage you wish.
  • It is possible to start a process when you are only just considering whether or not to get pregnant. That is the gate to the field of birth..
  • It is also possible to process a traumatic birth experience, even if it took place many years ago.
  • A good reason to come for a session is the feeling that something wants your attention, (e.g. any of the issues mentioned in the list above, or other issue related to your experience of pregnancy/ birth/ breastfeeding/ motherhood). It feels like now would be a good time to pause and be with it, and allow it to develop.
  • Birth Oriented Therapy directs the information that comes up in a session to support you in your current situation in life. The direction of movement is forward.

How does it work?

  • Usually we start with 2-3 sessions. Afterwards you can check If you need to continue.
  • Sessions are available in the Clinic in Toronto, and in several locations in Israel.
  • There is an option for Long distance Sessions from anywhere in the world, using Skype/ Google talk.
  • Sessions are $60 and last 75 min.
  • Payment methods accepted- Cash, Cheque, Paypal
  • To book a session- press here





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