B.O.T in the delivery room/ written by Lauren Inbar

I would like to share with birth professionals in Canada my experience with Birth Oriented Therapy in the delivery room. I work as a CNM in a standard delivery room in Israel. In Israel midwives deliver the vast majority of babies born in low risk births.

B.O.T is a wonderful diverse tool that has helped me help women to deal with their fear, and has given me tools to help myself be more attuned to whats being said and not said by both the woman and me.

Here is a short story of how I’ve used it in a recent shift.

One night I had a lady s/p one c/s who was interested in a TOLAC. We had her in our observation room as she wasn’t in active labor but was having regular painful contractions. She kept ringing her bell for various reasons, the bed isn’t comfortable needing a bathroom bread from the monitor. It seemed to me that she was fearful and unsure of the process. The minute there was a lull in the shift I went and sat with her, helped her focus on her felt sense of VBAC and was attentive to the concerns and uncertainty that she was experiencing.

At the end of our 10 minute “session” she felt better was visibly releaved . I of course hadn’t promised “everything will be ok”, or “you’ll manage the TOLAC” or said “don’t worry”.

I believe that the tool that I used to help her and me be present in the moment, with all of it’s uncertainty was “polished up in the course I did  B.O.T (level 1)

If anyone finds this interesting or helpful please let me know and I’ll share more anecdotes in the future.

Lauren Inbar

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