Birth Oriented Therapy

Birth oriented therapy is a unique approach for facilitating a personal process, around the time of Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Motherhood. It combines principles and practices from different Fields of therapy, with the deep knowledge that comes with years of experience in the field of birth*.


Our experience has shown us that when a woman experiences something significant during her journey in the field of birth**, she usually chooses to share her feelings and thoughts with someone related to that field, that knows closely what she is talking about. The field of birth has its own unique qualities, and typical experiences. When a woman experiences for example a miscarriage or a traumatic birth, it makes a world of difference if the person listening can understand the medical details of the event, if they know what procedures and interventions were to be expected, and if they are able to tell whether things might have been done differently.
Knowing about those experiences, and knowing many women who have gone through similar situations, makes it possible to provide wide support of deep respectful understanding. When needed, a B.O.T facilitator can also offer relevant knowledge that can help accept and understand the experience, and in time, support finding each woman’s unique way to carry life forward.

Birth oriented therapy relies on principles and philosophy of Focusing, that was originally developed by professor Eugine Gendlin. It uses ideas and practices from the Family Constellation by Bert Hellinger. It also uses important principles for working with trauma, from The Somatic Experience method, by Dr. Peter Levine.

Birth Oriented Therapy concentrates on the time around birth. Every issue that comes up in a B.O.T session is regarded in light of it’s relation to this present time in life-
pregnancy, loss of pregnancy, birth, breast feeding or relationship with the baby. For example a B.O.T facilitator can significantly help a woman who has been sexually abused in her past, and thoroughly prepare her for key elements she is likely to encounter during the hospital birthing experience. B.O.T can offer both practical methods for processing trauma, and useful knowledge of exactly what a delivery room looks like from the inside and what usually happens there, every step of the way. After we have met her personal triggers resulting from her past experience, she can be more in touch with what she needs in order to give birth to her baby, and is more likely to have an empowering birth experience. B.O.T Sessions also help process simple issues that come up in every woman’s way to Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood.
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B.O.T is not aimed at finding a solution to the conflict, or fixing a bad feeling, but it supports the option of being in touch with the issue that asks for attention, from a well resourced and grounded presence.

“Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being

if you give it space to move toward its rightness.” –Eugene Gendlin

B.O.T is about creating the individual space needed for a safe movement forward, while walking in the field of birth. It is practiced with an inherent respect and trust, that the issue itself, as can be sensed in our bodies, knows what it needs, and which direction means forward.

 ** the field of birth encompasses the time of wishing for a baby, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early motherhood. The field of birth also contains miscarriages and the loss of a baby.

Sources of inspiration for this text

  • The articles and teaching of Keren Fridman Gadassi, the founder of Birth Oriented Therapy
  • ‘Focusing’- by Eugene Gendlin, 1981
  • Whole Body Focusing, as presented by Kevin McEvenue and Karen Whalen


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