B.O.T. sessions in Toronto

When there’s something that wants your attention, around the time of wanting a baby, pregnancy, birth & motherhood, you are welcome to come for a Birth Oriented Therapy session. It lasts one hour, and it helps being in touch with the ‘thing’ that has presented itself to you, in a safe, accepting way.

b.o.t session

Nothing special nor dramatic has to happen to justify a session… It is enough to feel for example that you would like to take this time to pay some thought and attention to the birth you are about to give, or the one you have experienced.

When you become a mother, experiences and memories from the past may come up to the surface and challenge the way you feel about being pregnant, giving birth, breast feeding, and being a mother. The kind of processing that B.O.T offers, supports the option to be in touch with your inner experience, in a way that focuses on here and now, and supports your current well being, in addition to expanding your freedom to choose what is right for you at present time and in the future.

For example you can use a session to find out more about the kind of birth experience you would like to go through, and what would support you in getting there. We like to make sure that your insights that come up in a session are anchored with actual steps in the physical world.

Birth Orientd Therapy also makes it possible to work successfully with your experience of things without conveying the details of the story behind it, thus maintaining your privacy.

Sessions are also available for couples.

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