Live online training course- Starting January 2014

Birth Oriented Therapy- Training Course


Birth Oriented Therapy was born to meet the need of women (and their partners) for professional support of normal, yet highly significant processes occurring around the year of Child Birth.

It has emerged from the empty space between Therapy and Birth. This void was asking to be filled with a focused professional space that grants visibility to the transparent experiences of women around the years of Birth.

This training course is designed for Birth professionals and Therapists who are interested in exploring and expanding their presence within those transparent areas.


Tuesdays 10-13:30 EDT time, Starting January 2014

Course information-

  • 60 academic hours
  • 15 Group sessions, held in a virtual space, accessible from your home
  • 2 Personal sessions with the instructors
  • Additional Reading material will be sent throughout the course
  • Participants gather practical experience as an inherent part of the course
  • Supervision group sessions will follow the end of the course
  • An intimate group, limited to 8 participants, to allow personal support throughout the course
  • A private virtual space will serve the group throughout the course and afterwards.

Course requirements

  • Weekly practice of the given tools
  • Documenting three sessions as an ‘Internship’. Handing in a transcription of one chosen session
  • Attending 2 personal guidance sessions online.

The Cost

  • 1100$

Meet the Instructors

Keren Fridman Gadasi & Daphne Danon