Becoming a B.O.T. facilitator

Facilitating presence for another woman is a delicate skill, where life threads slowly interweave new options

 You are invited to participate in a unique project, which has evolved through years of studying the implicit processes in the field of Birth. The project incorporates fresh information about the influence of Interaction in the therapeutic field


NeuroScience and the field of Therapy have been studying the question-  What allows Change?

Findings suggest it is a certain quality of presence, practiced by both therapist and client, which creates progress and shifts the therapeutic process. This quality of presence contains specific skills of attention to the body, and an Interaction which includes a live awareness to the shared space.

We have implemented this new information in Birth Oriented Therapy, as reflected in the methods and skills practiced while facilitating a focused personal process for women and couples in the field of Birth.

When and How?        

Beginning October 2013, a new Training course starts, including 15 weekly sessions held live online by Keren Fridman Gadassi & Daphne Danon.

Tuesdays, 10am-13:30am (EDT – Eastern Daylight Time). Check when that is in your time zone.

Although we’re using a virtual setting for this training course, we intend to maintain a personal environment throughout the classes, by using visual and audio connections between us all. Therefore Space is limited to 8 participants only.

In addition to the 15 group sessions, we will meet online each trainee for two individual sessions as part of the training program. For more information about the course and its contents see links.

Who can join the training program?

Among the professionals who have already been certified to practice Birth Oriented Therapy you can find Midwives, Obstetrical Nurses, Birth Doulas, Postpartum Doulas, Birth Educators, Lactation Consultants, Therapists, Moms group Facilitators, perinatal Yoga teachers- all working with women around the time of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood. They incorporate Birth Oriented Therapy in their regular work and personal lives. Birth Professionals who have gone through the training, testify that the course has deepened their understanding of common situations; has given them useful tools they practice successfully with clients, and changed their presence in complex situations, both at work & with their families.

We love working with a wide scope of professionals coming from different backgrounds. If you are wondering whether or not this training program is right for you, please share your thoughts with us so we can find out more together.

For more details please contact- or and we’ll be happy to correspond with you in person.

The training course syllabus

The instructors

What situations does Birth Oriented Therapy usually work with?
















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