B.O.T on Skype and Phone


Thanks to technology we can truly enjoy long distance appointments. It allows us to closely communicate with each other and feel as if we’re in the same room, even when we’re on different sides of the planet.

Our experience shows that it is surprisingly simple to hold wonderful B.O.T sessions via skype. All it takes on your end is a camera and a microphone. (Some new laptops already have a camera and mic in them, so no additional equipment is required). When preferable, it is also possible to have phone sessions.

Skype and Phone sessions allow you to experience Birth Oriented Therapy from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. The duration of a long distance session is one hour, and the cost is 70$ or 250nis. Click here to set an appointment and inquire about payment options.

As in any new experience, it may feel awkward at first. Our experience shows that once we get started, Skype sessions can feel more simple and natural than it may seem. Please read the following instructions, to make sure we’re ready for our meeting.

How to prepare for a Skype Session

  • If possible, try to find a quiet time in your home for our session, when you can have privacy.
  • You may want to consider using earphones if your surrounding does not allow you time alone.
  • Before our scheduled appointment, it’s recommended that you make a test call with me or another contact, just to make sure that your microphone and speakers are working well.
  • Please have with you sufficient writing papers + memo notes, and 1-2 pens at hand.
  • If you fear the camera might make you uncomfortable, there’s always an option to turn it off and have an audio session.
  • If there’s anything you would like me to know about you before we meet, please email me at daphne@studio-yogini.co.il prior to our meeting.

Finding the right time for long distance sessions

If your location is far away from Israel, we can use the world clock meeting planner to find a time that would fit us both. How to use this option:

  1. Open the world clock meeting planner
  2. Enter my location- Haifa, in ‘Location 2’. (Usually your location will automatically appear in ‘Location 1’).
  3. Choose any hour between 09:00am-13:00pm, and 20:30-22:00 pm, Haifa time.
  4. Let me know your preferable options for days and hours, and fill in an email address where you can be reached.
  5. If it’s easier for you, please email me your location and preferable days and hours, and I will find the right time for us to meet.